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Arbor Day + Other Stuff

Not much time here, I'm at the library and I have to leave for work pretty quick here.

I did attend Arbor Day, and it was a lot of fun. I helped to plant five or six trees (wasn't really counting) with a mother and son team. Oddly enough, they happened to be the wife and son of the man who founded the group that organized the event. NEAT (Northern Environmental Action Team) is pretty much the only environmental awareness group in my town, which kinda sucks, but what better place to start than locally? I mean, if you set out with the goal of helping globally, you're pretty much going to fail, aren't you?

Anyway, yeah. It was a lot of fun and I'll definitely do it next year, too. I went to NEAT's office yesterday and asked if there was anything else coming up, they said not much. There's a free northern composting workshop tomorrow night, which I'm so going to. And on the 19th, they're having their annual meeting to determine projects and goals for the next year. I think that's my best opportunity to really join in, so I'm going to pray I can get off work early that night.

What I'd love to propose is organizing a community screening of Inconvenient Truth and 11th Hour. I think it would raise more awareness. But it's an oilfield town, so I dunno how far reaching the effects would be...

In other news, I saw The 11th Hour. It's completely changed my ideas about this whole problem. I loved it.

I'm out of time. Off to work. Hooray (not).



July 2008

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